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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

After work wank.........

I was feeling horny after work today, so no sooner had i stepped through the front door, I was on the front room carpet again with my trousers round my ankles. I felt like something a bit different today, so i put a bit of porn on (of a very fit man tossing himself off). I wanted this wank to be something a bit more special, so I opened a pack of lubricant and greased myself up. By this time, even very gently applying the lube was making my cock twitch madly, and I knew that unless i changed my technique I wouldnt last long. I drew the foreskin right back, exposing the purple head, and made sure it was entirely covered in lube. I began to gently massage my penis (oooooooh felt good to feel skin against the head). Before long I began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm, so I stopped just for a second as i felt the first twangs of orgasm, before the juice began to flow. I then started again, more slowly this time, gradually building up momentum until my cock began to ooze slightly, and again I stopped momentarily. When I started again, I used powerful strokes, starting at the base of my cock and finishing at the head. I soon began to feel the orgasm coming on again, but this time I couldn't stop. I came gloriously, and the spunk actually landed on my nipple this time, and the orgasm seemed to last for absolutely ages, with loads of juice all over my body. Hmmmmmmm wonder if i should go again right now. I enjoyed that one.