The Wank Blog: a masturbation diary

An account of my wanking habit. Hopefully, every wank should end up here.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

pleasuring myself on saturday

Just one, so far, although I'm still horny so there's gonna be another to sort this boner out. It was a great wank: weekend wanks are my favourite. I'm not in a rush to wank before work, I'm not worn out from work. I can just enjoy myself.

I was in bed for this one, with the covers pushed off the bed and my cock poking out the right leg of my shorts. The foreskin was pulled back just a little because I was using firm strokes, and it was a very firm erection. Not much pre-cum, not much cum, but a great wank.

Friday, October 29, 2004

weekend starts with w

A quicky when I got in from work. Didn't change from my cycling shorts, so they got a bit sticky.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

wank interrupted

I was having a nice wank, nothing out of the ordinary. A post work wank. I was getting pretty close to cumming when my friends came round. I had to hurriedly stuff my cock away to answer the door. After they left, it wasn't so much fun! Only a bit of juice, and it was gonna be a gusher.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

leisurely morning wank

I'm just fresh from a nice unhurried morning wank. It was really enjoyable! I lay on top of my beg, spread my legs and got my cock out. I used my right hand and stroked firmly, but not frenziedly. My left hand I left free to do a I wanted. At first, I stroked my balls. Then, the area round my hole. Finally, just as I was on the verge of coming, I wrapped it round my shaft. Nice orgasm, loads of spunk oozing from my slit.

Monday, October 25, 2004

wank free weekend

Largely, anyway. Parner was not working, so we I sex. Just had one quick wank, which wasn't a bad one. Cock and balls out, few firms strokes and a bit of juice. Very firm cock for it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

morning wood wank

Wanked with a raging hard on. I lay on my back in bed, legs apart, right hand stroking the foreskin round the head area. I like to keep the head covered with the skin where possible. My left thumb and forefinger I wrapped round the base of my cock, with the remaining fingers cupping my balls. A fair amount of jizz, which trickled out onto my leg. I'm gross, so I wiped it onto my shorts. Foreskin itching slightly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

there was one more

Very, very quick, it was. I lay on my back, on my bed. Watched a bit of a porn DVD. My knees were raised slightly, and I stroked my arse just a little with the free hand. My right was doing the main deal.

That's probably that for masturbation, today. I stopped wanking at work when I got a new job.

wanking on wednesday

So far: only one. Woke up early when my partner went to work, and wanked so I could get back to sleep.

I'm going for one more, for pleasure.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

spunky fingers!

A post-work wank does help me wind down!

I usually change into some shorts, so I can have my cock poking out one leg. It wanted a fairly "uncomplicated" wank. I just focussed on what needed to be done, really. I looked at my cock, rather than used porn. I did sit down. It was all no-nonsense stuff. Gripped my foreskin in my right fist, and good firm strokes. My left hand I set to work cupping my balls. There was a lot of pre-cum. The very first stuff wasn't clear, it was kinda translucent, but then was a lot of clear stuff coming from the slit, kinda in droplets. My fingers got quite wet from this stuff. It doesn't seem sticky. I actually shot, just a little bit. Not far, just enough to cover my hand! And only the initial jet "shot", the others (I don't know the word for them, they are sort of "convulsions") oozed as usual.

It was a very enjoyable one.

sunday wanks

There was only one, in the morning. It was a very sleepy one, ans I was quite hung over, and orgasm was achieved through persistance. I was in a prone position. I am not sure how much spunk I produced, but it won't have been much.

Monday was similar. I was woken up by my partner getting up very early for work, so I just wanked to relax myself back to sleep. There were no post-work or pre-sleep wanks. This morning I had sex instead of a pre-work wank.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

two plus two is four (so far)

Took them both fairly slowly, but especially the second (or fourth, really). Very firm erections. Not much juice from the first, but a suprisingly large flow from the next. Slight chafing to the foreskin now!

today will probably be a long day!

Saturdays are quite often wankathons, and today is shaping up that way

I've had two so far, and there'll probably be at least three more, judging from past performances

The first was a morning wank. I was only semi, cos I'd already used my morning wood having sex. I enjoy the sleepy morning ones, though. Less frantic, slightly drowsy. I wasn't fully hard throughout, but that kind of helps. My in-bed technique is a little strange. I lie on my front, and kind of bend my cock so that it lies against my leg. My left leg I raise in the air (don't ask me why: I've done it this way since I was six years old, perhaps it's just imprinted from the first time). It took ages to come, but I was in no rush. Maybe half an hour, but I've no idea really. Not much spunk, but I'd juiced a load from the sex-session earlier. Again, I didn't get naked, I just slipped my cock out of my shorts.

The second wank wasn't a great one, to be honest. A bit half-hearted and porn-fuelled. I was sitting down, and using my right-hand, mostly. Not a great erection. More than a semi, less than a full boner. Decent orgasm, but hardly any spunk at all.

Friday, October 15, 2004

first wanks

And so we begin.

Today I had no pre-work wank, and just had a couple of quickies when I got home from work. That's not typical, I'd usually have a morning one, and maybe one after work.

The first after work wank followed the usual pattern. I sat back in a chair, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I then tease my cock out, and get to work, using my right hand. This one was fairly quick and functional, and aided by a bit of porn. Orgasm came quite quickly, in about ten minutes, with a fair amount of spunk. It didn't shoot particularly far: as a rule I don't shoot especially far, I usually ooze. So I oozed over the floor. Gross, I know, but there you are. I wiped myself with my shorts, but found I was still quite hard.

After-work wanks can leave me wanting more, and my cock remained semi-erect so I left it out and let it regain full hardness. Technique was pretty much the same as before, although I occasionally alternated the hand. The orgasm wasn't as swift, this time, and it perhaps took twenty minutes, and I used porn more for this one. Spunk release was much the same, perhaps suprisingly. Volume seemed about the same, and the speed of the ooze.

So that's today, so far. I think there'll be at least one more.

what I want to do

What I have in mind here is a fairly basic description of each and every act of solo masturbation. I do have plenty of other handjobs, but they're not the subject here.

I'm not going to go all introspective about the Tao of Wanking. It's just when, where, and what it was like.